Monday, 31 January 2011

Crop Circles

The biggest hoax of all time has got to be crop circles. They may not be a mystery anymore, however, I do think it is worth writing about them.

Crop circles are created by fattening areas of crop such as wheat, corn or barely.
Surprisingly, over 90%   of the world's crop circles are found in England - where I live...
Although now we know that crop circles are now the work of human pranksters, people used to believe that they were caused by freak weather or paranormal reasons (such as aliens or ghosts.)

Anyway, here are some interesting pictures.

70-foot crop circle in Milk Hill, England

Mayan Crop Circle

Crop circle in Switzerland

Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Loch Ness Monster

Hello! You now know about the Ningen, so now I want to talk about something a little more familiar.

You may have heard of the Loch Ness Monster (and who hasn't?), and you have probably 
seen the iconic "Surgeon's Photo."
Surgeon's Photo
This photo was taken in 1933 by a surgeon when a new road was built alongside Loch Ness. It's now proved to be a fake.
But before people found out that it was a fake, the "Nessie Craze" swept the world. Thousands of tourists flocked around to the loch in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Nessie. Some people were so desperate to take a photo of her, they went through all odds to even fake photos.

One bloke even took a photo of his dog swimming with a stick in its mouth and claimed that it was Nessie.

A team went in mini submarines and used sonar to try and find Nessie. They did come up with some good photos like "the Flipper" but no hardcore, solid evidence.

The Flipper
The mystery of Nessie still goes on. Is she just a legend, or is she really a monster who enjoys a bit of hide and seek?

The Ningen

I would like to start off with something unusual (all creatures studied in cryptozoology are unusual anyway.)
You may not have heard of them, but I still think it will fascinate you (perhaps.)

Ningen (meaning 'human' in Japanese) are weird, aquatic blubbery-ish humanoids with white skin. The Japanese fishermen who sighted these say that they have facial features. The only visible ones are the eyes and the mouth. What's very creepy about them is their uncanny appearance that is similar to ours.
Some people say that they have arms and hands... I mean, why would an animal that lives in the water need ARMS AND HANDS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?! Beats me.
There are a few photos and footage of the Ningen but there is no solid evidence that these eerie creatures exist. What do you think?
Ningen - Real or Not?

Hello People!

Hi! This is my first blog. This blog is on cryptozoology. I hope you like it. I'm not really used to

First, a word on Cryptozoology. Cryptozoology is the study of animals that their existence is not yet excepted by science (e.g: sea serpents).

Although Cryptozoology does not get a lot of respect from science, it did prove the existence of the gorilla and the coelacanth.
Soon I will write about the Ningen creatures of the Antarctic. Keep reading to find out more!