Monday, 31 January 2011

Crop Circles

The biggest hoax of all time has got to be crop circles. They may not be a mystery anymore, however, I do think it is worth writing about them.

Crop circles are created by fattening areas of crop such as wheat, corn or barely.
Surprisingly, over 90%   of the world's crop circles are found in England - where I live...
Although now we know that crop circles are now the work of human pranksters, people used to believe that they were caused by freak weather or paranormal reasons (such as aliens or ghosts.)

Anyway, here are some interesting pictures.

70-foot crop circle in Milk Hill, England

Mayan Crop Circle

Crop circle in Switzerland

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  1. I heard about some people a very long time ago who made these with rocks and stuff and I heard about 2 men who admitted something about crop circles.