Saturday, 26 March 2011

Did Martians Exist?

The movies usually show little green men in flying saucers descending onto America, massacring millions of innocent people. However, the only "Martian" to kill somebody was a small rock from Mars, and it didn't even kill a human. It killed an Egyptian dog.

Most scientists agree that there may not be life on Mars today, but some reckon that there USED to be life - but more likely bacterial. Mars is quite similar to Earth with all of its mountains and ice caps.

In 1976, scientists all were surprised to find a photo of what looked like a giant human face on the surface of Mars.

It was actually an optical illusion caused by the Sun on a Martian hill called Cydonia.

More photos cropped up of what appeared to be pyramids, just like the ones in Egypt!

Canals and river courses may also be evidence that shows that there used to be life on Mars.

An ancient river course?

Was there really life on Mars? Please tell me what you think!

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Skunk Ape

The Skunk Ape is a cryptid that looks like a cross between a skunk and a gorilla that has been sighted in Florida.
Little is known about this strange creature, but the National Parks service has dismissed this as a myth.
I'd like to see what they can say about this photo, then.

The Jersey Devil

I've been itching to write about the Jersey Devil. Photos people have taken of it are quite interesting, and genuine photos of cryptids are rare.

The Jersey Devil is a cryptid that is said to inhabit Pine Barrens in the south of Jersey. People describe it as a red, winged biped, but many descriptions vary. Now, it is common in Jersey's pop culture.

The legend of the Jersey Devil isn't very applaudable, however I think it's worth looking into. The legend says that a woman known as Mother Leeds said "Let it be the Devil" when giving birth to her 13th child. It was born with red skin, horns, wings and a horse's head. Afterwards, it flew off into the Pine Barrens.
The creature visited Mrs Leeds every day, but she told it to leave. Eventually, it never returned.

People have spotted the Jersey Devil time and time again. Here is a sighting.

The Jersey Devil is seen on the right
I also have found another one, but I reckon it's a fake.

What do you think? Is it an old wives tale just to bring in more tourists? Or is something really lurking in New Jersey?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Now that we've done the Yeti, I think it's sensible to talk about humanzees (or "chumans.") A humanzee is the cross between a male human and a female chimpanzee, and a chuman is vice-versa.

You may have heard of Oliver, the chimpanzee.

Oliver, unlike most chimps, was bipedal (he walked on two legs) and had a flatter face like a human. He also expressed his feelings like a human - he cried when he was upset, and smiled when happy. He also preferred human company to chimpanzees.

However, when scientists ran tests on him, they said he was 100% chimp.

For more information on Oliver, click here.

Are humanzees possible?

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Yeti, Sasqautch, the Abominable Snowman  and Bigfoot: they all are different names for the massive ape that is sighted often in the Himalayas.

It was first sighted in 1811 by a fur trader, David Thompson, who had claimed to have seen massive four-toed footprints in the fresh snow.

Soon, new sightings sprang up. In 1884, a team who had set out to capture Bigfoot claimed to have seen him by a river.

People now have managed to snap photos of him.