Sunday, 24 April 2011

Cougar Sighted in Park

A fully grown cougar was seen by staff sauntering around Goldstream Park on Thursday, just one hour before a kindergarten class was due to visit.

The cougar was caught on tape just a few metres from the main building.

The kindergarten class visited anyway as scheduled but the park gave safety lectures.

"It's when they're hurt or startled that maybe they would come back at you," said Rick Carswell, Park operator,"But they would usually just run away."

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dead Alien Found in Siberia

A body of a dead "alien" was found in Siberia, Russia after, apparently, glowing pink after blue lightning was seen in the sky.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Air Rods

Air rods are another form of UFO otherwise known as a skyfish or flying rods.
Like crop circles, even sceptics admit that they exist.

They were first discovered in the 1990's, when people watching videos of all types, ranging from theatre to home videos realised that some footage had disturbances that looked like transparent rods, or occasionally white. They moved really quickly and were difficult to keep track of.

Soon, air rods were being studied. Close observation showed that if you zoomed out of the video, you could see that the rods were three dimensional objects and not just blotches on the camera lens. They even discovered that the rods were usually around three feet long.
What's more, the rods seem to behave in an intelligent way. The smaller rods chased butterflies and some flew in formations.

Air rods flying in a formation

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Kraken

The Kraken has appeared in many myths and legends. Hundreds of years ago, many sailors reported being attacked by a creature like a giant octopus.

Kraken are of a gargantuan size, big enough to sink ships.

As kraken are very secretive and are nocturnal, it is hard to get good sightings.

A Giant Squid caught on camera for the first time
Scientists have now declared the kraken to be real. In other words, the colossal squid. However, colossal squid don't really surface and attack ships, and they certainly aren't big enough to do so. What do you think? Are kraken and colossal squid really the same creature?

The Legendary Fur-bearing Trout

The furry trout is a fictional creature that is native to Canada. Some people say that it has evolved to grow a thick, white fur coat to cope with the extreme cold while others say that somebody accidentally spilt four cups of hair tonic into the River Arkansas.

In reality, this may be a misunderstanding. The fish might have been infected with a fungus, "cotton mould," which makes it appear furry.

People have provided some specimens, but they all turned out to be fake.

This specimen is from a Belgium zoologist.
The fur bearing trout of Canada still remains a mystery.