Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hyenas in America

There have been reports of hyenas trotting along the banks of the Mississippi river.

Sceptics say it appears to be a dog. Only DNA testing can confirm whether or not it is a hyena.

With its sloping back and apparently stumped tail (although hyenas only look like they have stumped tails as they don't) the man who captured this sighting, Tim McCary, handed it in in speculation of it being a hyena.

Now, many sightings have died out due to folklore. Mr McCary's "hyena" is one of few American hyena sightings.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

More Big Cats in England

As there were so many sightings of big cats in England, I couldn't fit them all in to my earlier post (to see it click here)

So, I am going to show you some more sightings. You lucky people.

St Austell's Cat
Surrey Puma

A footprint of the Gloucestershire Cat

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wallaby enjoys garden in Lyme Regis

Where are wallabies most happy? Somewhere in a hot desert in Oz?
Maybe not. Jan Cooper was enjoying a coffee when she saw what she first thought was a fox. Looking closer, she realised it was something different altogether - a wallaby, which looked very well cared for.

"I was having a coffee and first saw a fox and texted my husband, which he wasn't impressed by, then five minutes later I texted him to say we had a wallaby bounding around," she says.

There were no reports of wallabies escaping from zoos, so even though we know it is real (as the RSPCA confirmed it,) nobody knows where it came from.

Where do you think it came from?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"Catbeast" is like a Lynx

A dog walker, Sean Mcgeady, has spotted a "catbeast" which he likened to a lynx.

The 19 year old said, "I was walking along Nunlea Royd, approaching my home in Bentley Avenue when a large creature shot across my path."

"It appeared to have a light-brown colouration, lighter than a fox. It looked very lean and muscular, and was about the size of a lynx."

That sighting was the second one in months.

The last time it was sighted was by 24 year old Vanessa Pickles. She described it to be lynx-like, but unlike Sean, she said that it had a black coat with brown markings.

The European Lynx