Wednesday, 2 February 2011

"BIg Cats" in England

Cryptozoology is not only on things that people are not sure of their existence - it's also on things that are out of place.
Take the big cat sightings in England. Usually, the most exciting wildlife you get here is either a fox or an odd little falcon, or even perhaps some sheep. However, people have reported around 38 "big cat" sightings in England over the past four years.

Not only the mass report of sightings can support the fact that it exists but there have been carcasses of dead livestock and even a roe deer that have teeth marks on them of those of a big cat. Once, somebody in Somerset reported a big cat as tall as a small car.

The "big cat" or just Tiddles?

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  1. Maybe it's a dog - cat hybrid thingy.