Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Expedition Set - Search for the Mokele Mbembe

Sorry for the long wait guys - had a veeeeeery long blank moment there (I promise it won't happen again!)

Some very exciting news has come up - Stephen McCullah has launched a new expedition (called the "Newmac Expedition") in Africa's forests to search for the Mokele Mbembe - thought to be a real living dinosaur.
McCullah and his colleagues have launched a fundraising campaign, in hope to raise $27,000 for the expedition, which is scheduled to begin on the 26th of June this year.

"We are in the process of looking at live methods for capture of large animals. We will be attempting to bring a tranquilliser rifle, but there are many issues and unknowns we will have to overcome to subdue an animal like Moleke Mbembe with a tranquilliser."

The Moleke Mbembe is a creature similar to the Loch Ness Monster.
It is usually sighted at around the Congo Basin, and all expeditions before had failed to gather any solid evidence supporting its existence.
Despite this, there have been many sightings of it, like this still from an eyewitness video:

To look at my older post on the Mokele Mbembe, click here.

I'll be eagerly waiting for their results, and I wish them best of luck!
What do you think? Is this expedition going to be time well spent, or will it fail like all the other former expeditions?

Please tell me in the comments!

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