Saturday, 26 March 2011

Did Martians Exist?

The movies usually show little green men in flying saucers descending onto America, massacring millions of innocent people. However, the only "Martian" to kill somebody was a small rock from Mars, and it didn't even kill a human. It killed an Egyptian dog.

Most scientists agree that there may not be life on Mars today, but some reckon that there USED to be life - but more likely bacterial. Mars is quite similar to Earth with all of its mountains and ice caps.

In 1976, scientists all were surprised to find a photo of what looked like a giant human face on the surface of Mars.

It was actually an optical illusion caused by the Sun on a Martian hill called Cydonia.

More photos cropped up of what appeared to be pyramids, just like the ones in Egypt!

Canals and river courses may also be evidence that shows that there used to be life on Mars.

An ancient river course?

Was there really life on Mars? Please tell me what you think!


  1. No, Martians don't exist - people are daydreaming.