Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Now that we've done the Yeti, I think it's sensible to talk about humanzees (or "chumans.") A humanzee is the cross between a male human and a female chimpanzee, and a chuman is vice-versa.

You may have heard of Oliver, the chimpanzee.

Oliver, unlike most chimps, was bipedal (he walked on two legs) and had a flatter face like a human. He also expressed his feelings like a human - he cried when he was upset, and smiled when happy. He also preferred human company to chimpanzees.

However, when scientists ran tests on him, they said he was 100% chimp.

For more information on Oliver, click here.

Are humanzees possible?

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  1. Yes, because they could be human and chimp hybrids. Also, I think that the scientist is not good.