Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Kraken

The Kraken has appeared in many myths and legends. Hundreds of years ago, many sailors reported being attacked by a creature like a giant octopus.

Kraken are of a gargantuan size, big enough to sink ships.

As kraken are very secretive and are nocturnal, it is hard to get good sightings.

A Giant Squid caught on camera for the first time
Scientists have now declared the kraken to be real. In other words, the colossal squid. However, colossal squid don't really surface and attack ships, and they certainly aren't big enough to do so. What do you think? Are kraken and colossal squid really the same creature?


  1. Maybe it's just a huge octopus.

  2. Octopi aren't actually that big.

  3. But, it could be a new species...