Monday, 18 April 2011

Air Rods

Air rods are another form of UFO otherwise known as a skyfish or flying rods.
Like crop circles, even sceptics admit that they exist.

They were first discovered in the 1990's, when people watching videos of all types, ranging from theatre to home videos realised that some footage had disturbances that looked like transparent rods, or occasionally white. They moved really quickly and were difficult to keep track of.

Soon, air rods were being studied. Close observation showed that if you zoomed out of the video, you could see that the rods were three dimensional objects and not just blotches on the camera lens. They even discovered that the rods were usually around three feet long.
What's more, the rods seem to behave in an intelligent way. The smaller rods chased butterflies and some flew in formations.

Air rods flying in a formation


  1. Maybe it's an airship thingy that no one wants people to find out what it is.

  2. In frame 09 it kinda look like Mothman.