Friday, 24 June 2011

Sky Serpents

Sky serpents are UFOs that have been sighted very often in the 20th and 21st century.

They are considered to be phantoms as there isn't really any physical way they could exist. After all, what living creature could look like a snake but manage to float around independently?

These creatures are studied more often in Parapsychology (study of the paranormal) than in Cryptozoology. However, these two studies are loosely connected, so I'm including them in this blog.

Other explanations include that they are really alien crafts designed to (unsuccessfully) desguise themselves, or that they are oriental dragons. Other than this cryptozoologists aren't very interested in them.

The sightings people come up with are actually quite stunning though.

Ghost or dragon?

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  1. yooooooo i don't know what the hell these things are but it makes u think what other things could be on earth or out there in deep space. I had to watch like 100 videos of these things all day long. My girlfriend is so mad at me right now cause since she picked me up from work all i been doing was watching and talking about these creatures,if that's where they are from but i'm really really interested in these creatures. i would love more info on them if u could please send more info to me at a.s.a.yesterday lol thanks