Friday, 25 February 2011


Dragons appear in a lot of fairy tales and mythology. It's not surprising that many people claim to have seen them.
I have found a good photo of a "dragon" that was captured by two students walking out of Jilin University.

The female student, Xiao, said "Look! A flying dragon in the sky!"
Her boyfriend, Li, quickly snapped a photo of the glowing object with the camera on his phone. That was the second record of dragon sightings that summer.

Take a look at another photo I came across.

It shows, supposedly, a small cat-sized dragon sitting on a telephone wire or some sort of cable. I'm not so sure if it is real or not, to be honest.
Just enjoy the photos.


  1. Dragons sound REALLY cool but I think they're not real.

  2. i just think dragon might be real because when tsunami was happened,many unexpected living things was found..and many of them looks,it is not impossible for SOMETHING living UP in the universe and may hidden somewhere..UNKNOWN...

  3. I know that dragons is real. Because my mother's aunt saw a dragon in her garden when she was going to spray their grapes.And when she saw the dragon, she took the spray and sprayed the dragon, so it was poisoned and died. After some years before I was born she died, because she had cancer. How I know this?? I know this cuz my mother told me many years ago. And I grew up since, and I asked her is it just something you just told me? And she said '' No, this is for real, not fake''. And I asked her so many times and she say the same. And now this summer I'm gonna go to the place where the dragon's body is to take a look. Belive me or not... This is a true story, and I know that it is still dragons out there, but not so much. Thanks for me, And I hope u belive me cuz this is a real story! ;)

  4. Actually, looking closer, I think the second photo looks like a brown kite or a leaf.

  5. I believe that dragons exist. When you think about it, there are many parts of the planet that have not been explored, and animals always find ways to adapt to the changing planet. Being humans, most of us think that just because we've never seen something, it doesn't exist. But I know that there are some things in this world we only think we know. When it comes to these magnificent creatures, we must remember to open our eyes ... and our hearts.

    1. i agree so many creatures that we consider "fantastical" could be real just because we cant see something doesnt mean its not real ill admit that these creatures may have been exaggreated in feature but you cant fully deny something isnt real without consequences believe it

  6. From: Jonathan RH

    The first photo makes it easyer [than the first pic] to see a dragon.

  7. both of them look fake and i feel a little insaulted that some1 might think that im that stupid 2 think its real... but im not a disbeliver. not untill the 1920's did any north amaricans even know about gorillas led-a-lone see one. and ppl use 2 think that duck-bill-platipus (i hope i spelled that right) were a mith... so 2 think that we have seen it all is really... people-ish of us... but these pic look fake...

  8. Dragons totally exist. I saw a dragon eating a pidgeon in my yard! It was about the size of a hawk, had scales, talons, was breathing smoke, and had skin-covered wings. DRAGONS EXIST!!!

  9. The first one looks like a cloud, a spout of ash from a volcano. The second one has so little definition that its not hard to believe that its a photoshop thing.

  10. dragons are real they are born from the sky if u see one done here its lost and fell from the big mother dragon hint: keep lookin up O_O