Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Dover Demon

The Dover Demon (aka "Momo - Sapien) was first sighted in, you guessed it, Dover.
In Dover, Massachusetts, 1977, three teenagers were driving down at night when they caught a glimpse of it in their headlights.

Remarkably, later on that evening another teenager spotted it, mistaking it for a short friend of his, only too see it run away.
Incredibly, it was sighted ANOTHER time later on in that evening.

Dubbed the "Dover Demon" by famed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, it is roughly four ft tall, has a very large head and incredibly skinny limbs. It has glowing, orange eyes and its overall colour is grey.
According to eyewitness accounts, the Dover Demon makes a painful wailing noise.

Some cryptozoologists believe that the Dover Demon isn't even a cryptid from Earth - they believe that the Dover Demon is actually an alien grey (I may write an article on these sooner.)

I've also found sketches of the Dover Demon and another sighting:

Sketches of the Dover Demon according to eyewitness accounts

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