Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Yowie (or Yahoo)

The Yowie is an Australian ape - like cryptid like the Yeti. Some experts say that "yowie" or "yahoo" are just different names given to the same hairy humanoid while others think that they are different species.

As the sightings seem to describe two groups of different animals then I'm regarding them as separate species.

Yahoo - The Aboriginal "Devil-Man"
The Yahoo tends to be quadrupedral and less "monster-like" than the Yowie. It's around 5 ft tall and on rare occasions it stands upright. It has dark fur on its back and it has a lighter underside and head.

Yowie - The Urban Legend
Unlike the Yahoo it walks around on two legs. Its name has now pretty much replaced the older term "yahoo," used in folklore.

Faked Yowie Sighting
Is the Yahoo the same creature as the Yowie?

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Freddy. I have never heard of the Yahoo or Yowie before!