Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Pheonix

The Phoenix is a famous mythical bird with brilliant, fiery golden plumage (sometimes with blue, green or purple tail feathers according to other legends.)
According to legend, it has a 500 - 1000 year life cycle. At the end of the cycle, the phoenix will build itself a nest, sit in it and set fire to it, reducing the nest and itself to ashes. A new, baby phoenix emerges from the flames, reborn and ready to start a new life.
The phoenix's ability to regenerate from its ashes implies that it is immortal, although some people say that the new phoenix is simply the offspring of the old one.
Legends of the phoenix can be found in a wide range of cultures.

The phoenix may be a supernatural being, as birds can't really live for 1000 years and set fire to itself.

Modern sightings are quite frequent, too. Phoenix sightings can sometimes be classified as UFOs as the flying object in the sky is not identified yet.
The sightings are actually quite phenomenal, although people say these sightings may be that of aliens instead.

Phoenix sighting at Destin, Florida

Phoenix sighting in Arizona

The phoenix - just a myth or is it really out there?

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