Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dinosaurs - Are They Extinct?

According to mainstream science, dinosaurs were wiped out sixty-five million years ago. However, according to some branches of Cryptozoology, dinosaurs may have lived much longer and may even live amongst us today!
The theory that dinosaurs may still be around explains many sightings of dinosaur-like creatures such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Mokele Mbembe.
Every continent has some examples of a dinosaur-like creature in their folklore, such as dragons. Cryptozoologists argue that these stories are inspired by dinosaurs and are evidence of living dinosaurs.

Even today dinosaurs are sighted. In Papua New Guinea a grey, ten foot tall carnivorous dinosaur was sighted in the forest. Even the police at the local area believed the stories and sent out a search to kill it!

I found this sighting of what appears to be a sauropod on a hill, but I think it looks a lot like a plastic model.

I think dinosaurs still live with us today, but not as giant reptiles. They live among us as birds, their direct descendants.
What do you think?


  1. I think that it'd be pretty darn awesome if dinosaurs still were alive today. Nessie probably isn't as mysterious as people make her out to be, this is likely exactly what she is!
    And the sauropod? Hm. I thought they weren't carnivorous... why didn't the person get a little closer to take the picture? That neck looks a little unnatural.

  2. Squirrel, I agree! Sauropod necks don't really curve like that - the blood pressure needed to pump blood up a neck like that would be tremendous, although some palaeontologists think that they did hold up their necks like a swan, although others argue that the neck would most likely be held out in front.
    Also, I agree with you saying that the photographer should get a little closer, but if it really is real, he may get trampled...