Saturday, 11 February 2012


You've probably heard of Slenderman - the urban legend and popular Internet meme.
His popularity started when a photoshop contest on the forum Something Awful. The objective was to create creepy pictures to fool people thinking that they were genuine.
On June 10th 2009, user Victor Surge posted in a thread containing the first known mention of Slenderman, a tall, slender creature wearing a black suit, white shirt and necktie with a blank white face and many limbs extending from the back.
Slenderman since then has inspired numerous fan art and music tributes.

Despite knowing that Slenderman was made up by Victor Surge, many poeple claim to have sighted him, and he appears in the background of many photos. However, knowing that he was created using Photoshop, can we be sure that these sightings weren't faked?

What do you think? Does Slenderman really stalk children in the streets or does he really just stalk the Internet? Please tell me in the comments!

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  1. I can't even tell what the picture is of...
    Freddy, I think I might have found something you'll be interested in- the "Iceland Worm Monster." This thing looks to me like a giant boa in the video I saw it in.