Saturday, 5 February 2011

Aliens - Are We Being Watched?

Here is another example of "Out of Place" in cryptozoology - aliens. We aren't sure of their existence, but the definition of "alien" is an organism that doesn't belong in a specific place. Usually, when we say "alien" we are referring to an extraterrestrial (a living thing that does not originate from Earth).
 Considering the size of the Universe, I say that the chances of life from an alien planet is pretty high.

Records of aliens have been around a lot longer than most of us think.

Take these surprising finds:

Sahara Desert, 6000 BC

Baptism of Christ, 1710

Now the invention of the camera has made it easier for people to capture UFOs (please remember that UFO just stands for Unidentified Flying Object. If an object is flying, and nobody knows what it is THEN it is a UFO... until somebody figures out what it is.)

Here are some snaps of UFOs.

A UFO over Jerusalem

--Are we being watched?


  1. I think aliens could be real because the Universe is SO big. And we might be aliens to the other aliens.

  2. We had been taught to do things, to think etc...and why is that? We are primitive comparison to whom ever holds the key to us.