Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Haunted Ride at Thorpe Park Removed

I have came across this interesting article (click here) on a haunted ride in Thorpe Park.
There have been sightings of a "headless monk" and staff working on the premises report that they feel like that they're being watched and feel cold. Objects have even been found moving...

A paranormal detective agency have been called in to do some tests.

Apparently, Storm Surge, a 20-metre tall water ride was built on an ancient pathway which lead to nearby Chertsey Abbey.

Storm Surge

Paranormal expert Jim Arnold says, "The results were so strong we felt the only explanation could be that an ancient burial ground or settlement was being disturbed, prompting the extra paranormal activity."

"Although this could simply be an old building, with Thorpe Park's history the investigation is definitely worth continuing."

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  1. I think the people who saw the ghosts and stuff didn't have enough sleep.