Sunday, 20 February 2011


Mermaids are usually frowned upon in Cryptozoology, as it is unlikely that such a creature could survive. They sound so unreal, many cryptozoologists who spend a lot of time studying them can be ridiculed. The only reason why some people study them is that there were loads of ancient records depicting mermaids talkative, humanoid creatures with the lower half of a fish.

Mermaids and their male counterparts, mermen (collectively known as "merfolk") are found in legends on just about every coastline in the world.

The sheer number of sightings almost seem to force cryptozoologists to pay attention! The difference is that eyewitness reports describe mermaids very differently from folklore. Whereas mermaids from fairy tales  describe them as beautiful, blonde, talkative creature who are entirely human from the waist up, first hand reports describe them to have black hair, silent, and have some fishy characteristics on the tail as well as the waist up.

Many cryptozoologists reckon that if mermaids like to hang around the coastline, then bodies may have been found already. Also, since nobody has come up with a genuine photo of one, many sceptics remain unconvinced.

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