Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sea Serpents

Sea serpents have one of the longest - running histories in Cryptozoology.
For hundreds of years, people have been debating on its existence, and during the Victorian times, many species were discovered and proven real. It looked like another breakthrough was just around the corner.

However, no official discovery ever happened, so it was dropped. Sea serpents are now something of ridicule.

Sea serpents usually are up to 20 feet in length, have feathery fins on its back and sometimes has a split tail a bit like a whale. They can vary in colour from brown, grey, black or green. They have a horse-shaped head with eagle-like eyes, according to eyewitness reports.

Sightings are now quite common. Check out these photos of what appears to be a giant snake in Borneo, Indonesia. Nobody knows if these are genuine or faked.


  1. Maybe it's a really, really, really long eel.

  2. Other theories say that it's either a boat trail, and like you said, an eel. The most popular theory suggests that it was faked on a computer.